Install into a virtualenv using pip:

pip install django-paypal

Or using the latest version from GitHub:

pip install git://

If you are using Django < 1.11, you should use django-paypal 0.5.x and refer to its documentation.

You will also need to edit your, but the specifics depend on whether you are using IPN/PDT/Pro.

In addition, you may need to take some precautions regarding REMOTE_ADDR. In all cases the user’s IP address is recorded when payments are recorded, since this value can be useful in some cases. This value is taken from request.META['REMOTE_ADDR']. In some setups, however, it is possible that this value is incorrect, or may not even validate as an IP address. If it is not a valid IP address, then saving of IPN/PDT/NVP data will fail with a validation error.

Due to the many different ways that systems can be configured, with different proxies etc., correcting REMOTE_ADDR is outside the scope of django-paypal. You are advised to use a custom middleware or a solution like django-xff to ensure that request.META['REMOTE_ADDR'] is correct or at least a valid IP address.