Using PayPal Standard with Subscriptions

For subscription actions, you’ll need to add a parameter to tell it to use the subscription buttons and the command, plus any subscription-specific settings:

 paypal_dict = {
    "cmd": "_xclick-subscriptions",
    "business": '',
    "a3": "9.99",                      # monthly price
    "p3": 1,                           # duration of each unit (depends on unit)
    "t3": "M",                         # duration unit ("M for Month")
    "src": "1",                        # make payments recur
    "sra": "1",                        # reattempt payment on payment error
    "no_note": "1",                    # remove extra notes (optional)
    "item_name": "my cool subscription",
    "notify_url": "",
    "return": "",
    "cancel_return": "",

# Create the instance.
form = PayPalPaymentsForm(initial=paypal_dict, button_type="subscribe")

# Output the button.

See PayPal Subscribe button docs.