To run the django-paypal tests:

  • Download the source from GitHub or your fork.

  • Create a virtualenv for the django-paypal project.

  • Install tox:

    pip install tox
  • Run tox:


    This will run all the tests on all supported combinations of Django/Python.

  • To run tests just in a single Python environment, do this in your venv:

    pip install -e .
    pip install -r requirements-test.txt
  • If you’re testing on Linux, due to m2crypto dependencies you’ll probably need various development header packages installed, plus swig tool.

  • If you’re testing on a Mac, then, as m2crypto uses openssl, the command line should be:

    env LDFLAGS=”-L”$(brew –prefix openssl)”/lib” CFLAGS=”-I”$(brew –prefix openssl)”/include” SWIG_FEATURES=”-cpperraswarn -includeall -I”$(brew –prefix openssl)”/include” tox